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Fitting Forty: Life Events


A whole 9 days have pass since I have traveled my 40th year around the sun. It was a great celebration. My loved ones blessed me immensely. I would definitely have to say the cherry on top was the Tears for Fears /Hall and Oats concert I attended where I screamed my head off and sang every song to the top of my lungs just like I was a teenager. I do hope the people behind forgive me when I got up and started dancing to Shout. I am sorry but that was my jam! To hear it live too? Oh my God I can go now!

So with all the celebrating I did, including running an entire 5k and getting the best time I ever had since I started doing 5k’s which was 43:28, I get a quaint email reminding me that I am no longer a spring chicken.  The benefits center through my employer informed me that since I experienced a “life event”, that my benefits could be affected. Life event? A whole life event? For real a WHOLE life event????  Now I sat back in my office chair, read the email a few times, thought to myself what life event, and then gave the benefits center a ring. While I was on hold for a representative, I started to contemplate what in the entire green earth are they talking about? When you think life event, you think of getting married, buying a house, or having children. At this time, I am not married; I live in my child hood home, and have no children that I am aware of. I think if there was a conception, I would hope to be informed!

The representative finally comes on the phone. I give my identifying information and told them about the email that I received concerning a change in MY benefits because of my NEW LIFE EVENT! (Whatever that means!) The representative goes on to tell me since I turned 40, I could be subject to my health and life benefits changing. In the next couple of pay checks, my long term disability payment is going up 2 dollars per pay period. This is all because I am getting old! At least that is what he wanted to say but he needs his job so he kept our conversation PC.  So you mean to tell me since I am a woman of a certain age, I have to pay more for a certain benefit that I may or may not take advantage of? Are you kidding me?????


I found myself a bit miffed about this whole “Life Event”. The facts are as such. I am in the best shape of my life. I was able to reverse every health issue I had by losing 260 pounds. I run 5ks for fun! I eat better, I exercise, I drink water, and I take vitamins. I mean, I am in better shape than some twenty something’s I know! So just because my age has increased, none of that matters? Really????? Joe, I need to send you some medical records!

I had to gather myself. I started to ponder on all the things I was able to accomplish in a span of three years. I had to come to the realization that I am dope! So what I am 40! So what this email came to remind me of this “life event” I personally feel to depress me. I am a warrior, a conqueror, and worthy to celebrate making it to 40. I know others that have not made it this far.  I know of two in particular that developed health problems because of their weight and was not able to see 40. I was blessed to receive my wake-up call and I have not looked back.

I did not realize making it to 40 was considered a life event but I suppose it does.  It is not a walk down the aisle or the doctor telling you congratulations it a girl or a boy. It is a rite of passage to a wondrous time in life. You get to experience life wiser and more experienced. You are not so impetuous. You use discretion when making decisions. You are more settled and okay with who you are. This is the real you with no pretense. This is me. No more and no less.

I mentioned in my previous post that 40 was a significant number. It represents a generation, trial, and journey. If you can live to see another generation, if you can live and survive life’s trials, if you can be able to endure this journey in front of you, then yes Virginia you experienced a “Life Event”. That is worthy of pat on the back and cheer in your honor. #Salute





Hi There! I am a singer, podcast host, and writer that has traveled a great distance in my life with weight loss. I greatly desire to assist others in finding their voice and working through their fears so they can live a more fulfilled life! This is my journey.

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