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Fitting Forty: Going Vegan!


One of my besties asked me not too long ago to watch my god son in the afternoon because her mom who does it normally was not available. Since I am currently in between gigs, I happily agreed. As I spent time with him playing with spinning tops and watching Coco, such an AWESOME MOVIE, we started to talk about food and specifically being vegan. I am not sure how we landed on the subject but low and behold we were there. I also like to make this disclaimer that my god son is TEN!

My god son truly loves a variety of videos on YouTube and happened to show me the one referenced in this post. 7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby: Solves all yo Problems! The video is made by The Odd 1’s Out. He makes a series of videos about a plethora of subject matter with his own comedic spin. To add to the spin, he depicts himself as a doodled cartoon character. As I watched the video and chuckled learning his take of going vegan for a week, my god son turned to me and said, “You should do the challenge Cindy and I am going to call you and check on you.” I looked into my god son’s warm eyes and soft face and agreed. I said, “for you Love, ANYTHING!”

After I agreed to do this challenge, I text a fellow Buddhist member that I practice with that I am going to go Vegan for 7 days. He messaged me back and basically told me he did not believe me! Oh the NERVE! (insert my audible sigh!) The reason he did not believe me is because we had a conversation prior that he was on his way to going vegan however I was quite vocal about my trepidation on doing the same. I was very concerned mostly about getting enough protein. Since I had a duodenal switch procedure in 2014 which is the most invasive gastric bypass surgery, my doctor and his staff were very poignant about me consuming enough protein everyday. That was the main reason I was very hesitant about going the route of a vegan but I had to admit the idea of embracing this lifestyle had much appeal to me.

I started my challenge on June 25, 2018. Little by little, I purchased foods to support this lifestyle (i.e. Whole Foods and Mariano’s) and trucked on through. The first day was not too bad. I ate what I allowed myself, drank tea, and even attended my Monday night yoga class. As the days went on, I was starting to feel tired. I found myself sleeping in later than usual and I did not know why. I voiced this concern to my yoga instructor and she told me more than likely my body was starting to rid itself of toxins. I also guessed that I should find more ways to increase my protein.

The fore mentioned Buddhist member told me about super foods called Spirulina and Chlorella. My yoga instructor also corroborated the benefits of these super foods. Spirulina is an algae that is dried and prepared as a food or food additive, which is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals. It also has a very high concentration of protein that comes with a vast number of health benefits. Spirulina can found in tablet, powder or capsule form. Like Spirulina,  chlorella is another algae that spouts a number of nutrients that also support and strengthen the immune system.

Image result for spirulinaImage result for chlorella

Although these super foods are both algae based, they are different. One difference is starting with their looks. Chlorella is a green algae, whereas spirulina is blue-green in color. Chlorella’s green hue demonstrates that it’s richer in chlorophyll than spirulina. I have included a few links that give a break down of both super foods attached at the end of my post.

Now back to my experience on this challenge. After day 4, I started to feel a bit more of normalcy. Also by that time, I decided to make a plant based diet a way of life. I started feeling better in my body and I felt that I was more aware of my surroundings. One really big benefit that I was very happy about is that I was able to complete a couple of races and I did not DIE! Yayyyyy Vegan!

As time went on, I also discovered that I actually lost weight. Since going vegan at the end of June, I actually lost 16 pounds without effort! I just noticed when I woke up one morning I looked different. I decided to weigh myself and low and behold my scale confirmed what I was feeling. I started this challenge at a weight of 226 pounds. I now weigh a total of 210 pounds! What in the entire WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I even shocked myself that I don’t crave certain foods. I would walk by different eateries I frequented in the past and was not phased. One day, my sister asked me to take her to a fast food place not too far from our house. She was staying with a girlfriend of hers that eats very healthy. After consuming 5 days straight kale and other twigs (her words not mine) my sister really wanted something greasy and decided upon chicken wings. When we got to the window to get her food, the smell of the wings hit me like a ton of bricks! I literally felt myself getting sick! I shoved the wings over to her very quickly and turned my head in the opposite direction. I was so busy with my new head position that I did not notice a pedestrian walking in front of my truck. I am glad he called out because he is alive and I do not have higher insurance premiums!

Another thing I began to do with much vigor is cooking. Now since I live my mom and 2 sisters, they would normally cook a majority of the meals in the house. We would all contribute to the groceries, but I would let them handle the food prep because they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than I! I realized with a quickness that I better bust out my chef’s hat because although my mom and sisters are great cooks, I knew they were not so quick to acquiesce to my new diet.

There are also many great vegan restaurants in my city, but I do not have money to constantly spend on eating out. I started looking up recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. I even prepared a vegan meal for another friend and fellow Buddhist member this past Sunday and I am happy to report he is still alive! 😉


Organic Chilli with sauteed onions and mushrooms.

So being mostly vegan is now a way of life. I say mostly vegan  because I still eat honey. Technically since it is manufactured by an animal, it is not considered vegan. I still eat it because one it is a super food and two it’s DELICIOUS! I just do it sparingly. I also like the way I feel eating this way. I remember back in 2014 how my body started making physical changes because I changed the way I approached food. I feel this time around my body is transitioning again for the better.

If you want to do something good for your body, try going vegan for at least 7 days.  Note some of the changes that you experience. See how your body responds and metamorphose. It maybe a change you consider doing from time to time to give your body a reset. Like me, you may decide to say, “Ah screw it! I’M GOING VEGAN!” Either way, do something good for you. Your body will thank you for it!

  • C A M M

More information about Spirulina and Chlorella:

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Fitting Forty : Medal Chaser

On June 26, 2018, I did a 5 minute talk at an event called Ignite Chicago. It is like TED Talks but less pretentious! I did my five minute talk about my journey through weight loss and my ridiculous addiction to finisher medals! Here is my story…

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Fitting Forty: “I Do”

Hi there guys!

I have not posted in a while because I am finishing up my book concerning my weight loss journey. Thank you for being patient. I will have a new post coming out this week so be on the look out!

This post is actually a dear friend and sister of mine named Sabrina. She is my yoga instructor here in Chicago and a very wise human! I am super grateful to be considered part of her village! She recently informed me about waistbeads. In my next blog post, I will be giving a personal experience concerning my waistbeads but I want to share her words first. Please enjoy!

“I Do” – Incorporating Ritual and Ceremony with Waistbeads by Sabrina Ewell

It is tradition in many cultures around the world to celebrate rites of passages through ceremonies and rituals. Ceremonies are the designated occasions where observances and procedures are performed, while rituals are the symbolic actions performed (which often include gestures, words, and objects) during such ceremonies. Ceremonies can be religious, spiritual, contractual, or symbolic, and are the public ways to show reverence, gratitude, support/encouragement, love, connection to loved ones and/or Source, to mark time, and to make commitments. Simply put, ceremonies and rituals are the ways in which we hold sacred space for our beliefs, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Waistbeads are more than mere adornments for midriffs. Waistbeads become a sacred ritual object when chosen as a tool for mindfulness. When we set intentions upon a strand of waistbeads, the beads become ways to love, support, and commit to ourselves. The waistbeads then serve as a tangible symbol and gentle reminder of those commitments that we made. Not only do the beads cultivate mindfulness and intention through being seen and felt by us, but when we listen closely, the beads will speak our souls’ wants.

How can we incorporate ritual and ceremony with our waistbeads in an effort to create a sacred healing space for ourselves? Waistbeads are a very personal choice, and are chosen for a myriad of reasons. Thus, waistbead ceremonies will also be very personal and diverse. There is no one “correct” way to celebrate choosing to love yourself more deeply. However, there are some things that should be considered when creating a waistbead ceremony. It is suggested that four basic rituals be observed: grounding oneself, energetically cleansing the beads, speaking intentions into strands, and tying the beads on.

First, ground yourself at the onset of the ceremony. Grounding yourself means becoming present in the moment and clearing your mind, body, and spirit of any clutter that would interfere with your connection to the beads. Grounding can take the forms of mindful breathing, chanting, meditation, yoga, singing, dancing, etc. Next, energetically cleanse your beads using a cleansing method of your choice. Choosing to use the smoke from burned sage, palo santo, frankincense, etc. during the ceremony is a great way to not only clear away any unwanted energies that may have become attached to your beads, but it also is a beautiful ritual to witness that fills your sacred space with aromatherapy. Hold the beads in your hands, either one strand at a time or all at once, and pass them through the wafting smoke as many times as you want. Feel free to move the beads through the smoke 1-3 minutes. You can opt out of using smoke during the ceremony by cleansing your beads beforehand using sunlight, moonlight, earth, or crystals. These methods involve several hours of placing your beads in sunlight or moonlight, burying them in the ground, or placing them on cleansing crystals like quartz, obsidian, etc.

Then, speak your intentions into your beads. Your intentions are the thoughts, feelings, and actions you want to manifest in your life. You must be very clear on what you want to invite into your life and/or release from your life. (As the creator of your own destiny, it is important that you take time prior to the ceremony to reflect on your needs and desires.) At this point in the ceremony, it is time to give your waistbeads your intentions. Cradle your beads in your your hands, bring your cupped hands close to your mouth, and whisper your intentions to your beads. (You can choose to send your intentions to your beads in any mindful way. Find what resonates with you. Perhaps holding your beads in hand and meditating on your intentions works better for you.) Ask for exactly what you deserve; be open and ready to receive. If you have chosen multiple strands of beads to address different intentions, feel free to infuse the different intentions into the strands individually or group them together and infuse them simultaneously. Finally, tie your beads on, which permanently commits you to your new journey.

Another thing to consider when creating your waistbead ceremony is crafting a sacred space that suits you. Where will you have your ceremony? Indoors? Brightly or dimly lit? Outdoors? Daytime or nighttime? Will you play soothing music or let mother nature’s orchestra be your sound therapy? Perhaps silence feels best? What visuals will your incorporate in the ceremony? Crystals? Statues? Images of Source or ancestors? An alter? Special tapestries or cloths? A favorite color? A meaningful article of clothing? Be creative and be true to what brings you to your true essence.

Your ceremony can last 5 minutes or 50 minutes. You can celebrate alone, or in the company of others. You can celebrate your ceremony once, as it happens; or devote a day of re-connection every year on the anniversary of your ceremony. The key is to make your ceremony unique to you. Be as loving, gentle, grounded, focused, and open as you can to yourself and the process. Make your ceremony not only an expression of self-love, but a commitment of saying “I do” to all that the universe has awaiting you.

Please make sure you follow Sabrina on Facebook and Instagram: FB/IG: @sereneradianceyoga

Also checkout her website:

Sabrina's Hand Stand

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Fitting Forty: Re-Born!

Happy first post of the year! This post was done this date accidentally on purpose. Accidentally because I almost forgot I self proclaimed today January 29th was my reborn date and on purpose because it makes sense for my first post is on my self-proclaimed my reborn date.

Why do I call today my reborn date? I am so glad you asked! Four years ago today, I took my life into my own hands.  I was 467 pounds. I was recently released from the hospital because I was having heart palpitations. I thought I was having a heart attack because of the severity of my symptoms. The doctors decided to keep me overnight so they can run more tests. It turned out that it was just my blood pressure elevated that caused the palpitations. The doctor prescribed me another medication to take along with the ones I was taking at the time. After they handed me the prescription, they told me if I did not do something about my weight, it could be worse.

I had to get serious about my health or I was not going to survive long. After much mulling and reflection, January 29th, 2014 was the day I joined the gym at my workplace and made appointments with doctors at the University of Chicago to get my health together.  I got on a nutrition plan, checked in with a doctor for 6 months, and lost 75 pounds by October of 2014. I then had surgery to help me lose the remaining weight and I have not looked back since.

I often get questions about my weight lose as in what did you eat, what exercises did you do, who helped you etc. I answer all of them truthfully including having weight loss surgery. I talk more extensively about my weight loss journey in a book that I wrote called “Fightings and Fears” which will be release later on this year. The question that I get the most is how did you start? I answer that question as well but it is not the way people expect me to answer. I tell them that I changed my mind.

If you look up the definition of being reborn, you will see a rebirth or rejuvenation. Other definitions are in the sense of a more religious experience often time depicted in Christianity as accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. My favorite definition is actually to become alive again after death. See, when I say I changed my mind, I am actually saying that I decided to live. My first mindset was of death. It was of death because I was destroying myself with my bad habits and not taking care of myself. When I decided to live, I become alive again. I decided to treat my body better. I decided to eat better, I decided to get help. I chose life. I became reborn.

I have been living this reborn life for 4 years. My physical abilities have grown tremendously but that is not the surprising part of this journey. The most profound part of this journey is I think differently. My mind has no limits. I actually believe I can do anything I put my mind to. I believe that because I chose life. When you choose life, you choose to be the best you YOU can be! It may be a simple concept, but I have found that most humans are more comfortable with holding on to complex issues rather than cleaving to simple wisdom. Choosing life isn’t difficult but it can be uncomfortable especially when you have done things certain ways for so long. What say you Beloved? You ready to choose? Are you ready to be reborn?

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Fitting Forty: Blow Your Trumpet!


In case you did not know, 2017 is coming to a close. Shocker! With the close of a year; one may start to look at how they are closing the year, making New Year’s resolutions (behold the new gym memberships), reflecting how the closing year went for them, or all the above!

2017 was rough for a lot of people. I know this because I see this in almost every other social media status I read from January 2, 2017! I guess January 1st wasn’t as bad.

All bad joking aside, 2017 was rough. For me, I know that I lost dear friends that transitioned, dear friends have lost parents, and I found myself reflecting on my own Father’s death because New Year’s Day 2012 was the day he died. I would find myself getting extremely depressed. That ebb was coming to me but I was reminded, and I quote, “We owe people, so we pay by continuing on”. With that being said,  I close my eyes and I think of my accomplishments and I can hear dad saying, “You did good kid”.

It felt a little funny affirming myself at times because it was like I was bragging or I was being high minded.  I recently read an article on entitled “5 ways ‘Humility’ is keeping Women Stuck and Afraid” by Kathy Caprino. One of the things she said was, “Women are being trained by society to be modest, unassuming, to avoid being seen as haughty, proud or assertive. Despite how far we’ve come in supporting the equality of both men and women, we haven’t yet challenged this concept well enough, that in order for women to be considered feminine, appealing, or acceptable, they have to be unassertive, submissive, agreeable and pleasing at all times. And men are not receiving this same cultural message”.

I do not disagree with this quote but I would argue that the “training of modesty or humility” by society is not just an epidemic placed on women alone. I also feel this is training that is pushed even more so on people of color especially black women. I could go on and on about that but I will save my thoughts for another blog post. In the meantime, look up the hashtag #blackwomenatwork to prepare.

Here is the thing. There is absolutely, positively, vehemently, NOTHING WRONG WITH BOASTING IN YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! NOTHING AT ALL! YOU SHOULD DO IT EVERYDAY! EVERY HOUR! HELL, EVERY MOMENT YOU CAN SPARE! There isn’t anything wrong with telling yourself that you are awesome, wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, or one of my favorite words…DOPE!

I personally achieved milestones in 2017 that I never thought I would be able to reach. I got a new position in the company I was working for which caused an increase in salary. I participated in 10 5k’s this year adding up to over 35 miles ran and raised money for the various causes the 5k’s were for. I participated in singing background for 6 amazing artists in Chicago that ended up in a web video series and singing on stages in front of hundreds of people. I danced on stage with Jody Watley (google her millennials!)  I maintained a healthier lifestyle and managed to keep very little fluctuations in my weight. I added more strength training to my workouts so I got stronger and developed more muscles. I began adopting more self-care practices. I started writing more which resulted in this blog and a book I plan on releasing in 2018. I hosted a comic con in a different state that attracted fans from all over the United States. I hosted a podcast with the creator of the Motor City Black Age of Comics and Urban Style Comics that has a solid following of thousands. I traveled, A LOT! I also managed to record a song that ended up on International Radio that stayed in rotation for the better part of December! Mind you, I screamed when I heard the song playing because it blew my mind that was happening!

Despite the roughness, 2017 also was pretty good to me. If I would to garner anything from this year, it would be to walk forward and hold my walk in sustaining energy and power! I don’t walk in this forward motion for kicks and giggles. I walk forward because my gifts and talents are also a source of inspiration for myself and others. I hear that on the regular that I am an inspiration. Do you think that does not make me feel good? Of course it does! But it isn’t just so somebody else to tell me things to make me feel good. It’s so I can look at myself in the mirror and say YOU DID THAT!

Confidence and being proud is not wrong nor is it a lost art only bestowed on a few. It is there for anyone who sees it and runs with it. We forget to toot the proverbial horn that we own at times. I will do my best not to forget any longer. So if you ask me, “Are you humble?” My answer would be an emphatic “HELL NO”! I am DOPE! Not only am I dope, I continually look for ways for my dopeness to increase and spread to others! I am fearfully and wonderfully made so why would I be humble?

I know I lost a few of you there but stay with me. The definition of humility is: A modest or low view of one’s own importance. I do not have a low view of my importance because to say I am not important is a lie. To have a low view of myself is an insult to the one who created me! Again, if I am fearfully and wonderfully made, why would I be humble? To put both views in the same statement would be an oxymoron resulting in an untruth. Does this viewpoint mean I think I am better than others? No it does not. It means that I recognize the greatness in myself (my potential) and I en-devour to sharpen my greatness every chance I get.

Do yourself a favor. Before this year is up and you start singing “Auld Land Syne” (A song that NOBODY knows all the words to especially after consuming one too many adult beverages), look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are awesome! Better yet when you tell yourself that, believe it. If you don’t believe you are awesome and start making it a habit to tell yourself you are awesome, you will start to believe you are AWESOME! Carry that belief into 2018 and beyond!

Like Dad would say, “You did good kid!”


Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Google Android 8.1

Have a Happy New Year!

-C A M M



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Fitting Forty: Flowers

Often met with getting older is experiencing death. It is not uncommon for friends of old to tell me that a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or parent has made their transition. I experienced this phenomenon quite often and wrote about losing my own Father.  Although death has become a more frequent tale, it always takes me a back especially when it is a friend. This post is to honor my friend the way that I remember him.

My friend, Peter Grant, was a friend I met while attending Eastern Illinois University. He was born and raised in Central Illinois and was a son of a farmer. He was raised around corn and soy beans, big farm machines, and was really good with cars. I was only raised around corn I found at the grocery store, I knew the very basics about cars, and big combines scare the daylights out of me (that’s another story)! When we met, I wasn’t sure the farm boy and the city kid would be friends, but we were.

Pete and I pal’d around quite a bit. We were all part of a group of kids that gave their hearts to God and leaned on each other a lot to find answers. We often trudged around central Illinois to different services, revivals, and bible studies held by a family we all adopted namely because they would tell us truth and fed us since we were all poor, college students with a lack of nutritional sense! We laughed, cried, prayed, and would cling on to one another to draw strength to make it through another day, another exam, or another research paper!

I could always  call on Pete as a friend or as a confidant. We would talk to each other sometimes for hours. I remember going to his family home once for Easter dinner. When we sat down at the table to eat, his Father told everyone at the table, “When Cynthia calls, Pete turns into a wet puppy!” Pete replied,”It’s true dad I do!” Although this is a little difficult to do as a black woman, but I turned beet red! All of us kids sat at the table first in awe that his dad actually said that and then burs-ted into laughter because his dad actually said that! Pete was just a sweet guy and he genuinely cared for me. When we would come back late from different events, I would make him drive my very temperamental car I owned at the time. It was a 1988 forest green gas guzzler that was always breaking down that I fittingly named “Diva”. Pete was on the only one that could get that New Yorker bucket of bolts to sometimes act right! When she died, transmission went boom and she was no more, I called him. He told me, “Diva fought a good fight and ran a good race.” No truer words were spoken.

Peter later on married his sweet heart Nina and they went on to have four children. He and I lost touch over the years but we later reconnected thanks to the wonderful world of social media. When we did, we just pick up where we left off! We talked about school, family, what we were into now, etc. He even “liked” a video of me singing at a service I posted on Facebook singing, “My Living Shall Not be in Vain”. His comment to follow was, “I ain’t heard me some good Cynthia singing in over 10 years!” Oh Pete! So sweet, yet sooooooo country! He loved to sing too. I remember him singing at the top of his lungs during worship services we attended together. The song I remember him singing with the most emphatic voice was “Shout to the Lord”.

Pete fought a good fight with cancer but his soul transitioned this past Thanksgiving. I am very sad my friend is gone but I am glad that we reconnected before he left this earth. He was a kind, gentle, loving soul. He was a lover of God, of his family, and friends. I wish that we had more time and I wished I had the chance to express to him in person how much he meant to me. I wish I could give you your flowers Pete. Even if I can’t give them to you personally, I will give them to your wife and children who love you very much. There is a new angel and his name is Peter Grant. He will still be around watching over all who he loved. He will missed but never forgotten.

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Fitting Forty: Above It All

One of my favorite hobbies is to travel.  For the past two years, I found myself on a plane at least eight to 10 times a year and not for work.  Most of the time, one of my good friends may say, hey Cindy let’s go here or there! Since I have no problem leaving the city of Chicago (especially when it gets cold), I often reply “Lets!” After that affirmation (and a check to my bank account), I am on a travel site, looking for a discount, booking my passage to wherever! She is BOOKED!!!!

When I am at the airport, I will often smile to the gatekeeper; ask politely for a window seat, and majority of the time it’s given to me. If I am really nice, they will assign me to the emergency aisle or upgrade me so I can get more leg room! That is when I really get super GEEKED!

As I take my seat, buckle my safety belt, and get settled in, I start to look out the window. There is that whole safety demonstration speech but I been on a plane enough times to observe the seat belt lights, mark the emergency exits, and figure out how to pull up my seat and use it as a flotation device. After all that is out the way, we are off!  Watching the plane tilt farther up and then the runway fades away until you are up in the clouds!

I look out the window and look down on the world below me. Everything looks so small. Children look out of plane windows and often tell the parents people look like ants scurrying about and the cars look like hot wheel toys. Trees look like little shrubs that have been placed by hand and houses look like architect models from a mock city. After the people disappear, the cars vanish, and buildings are no longer in sight, you only see clouds. Then once you see the clouds, you find yourself in them.

For however long those hours are you are in the air, nothing else below is in your view. The life that exists below is no longer seen and for a while, it does not exist.  It is no longer where you dwell.

Often as humans, we are subjected to all types of triggers that affect the way we see, think, and are. We are bombarded with life’s stuff. Bills need to be paid; children need to be tended to, responsibilities and obligations need to be taken care of, etc. etc. etc. All this stuff we encounter day by day by day. When do we ever get a break?

Recently, a big part of my life was taken away from me. That part of my life so big to me because it was part of my identity and what I believed. When that was gone, I felt lost. I even found myself in my work stairwell crying because this part of me is now gone and I knew it was not coming back.  Later that week, I went to my friend’s yoga class that ended up being just her and I. We talked, went through a spectacular flow and meditated. While I was in meditation I heard the Universe speak to me and say, “Change your perspective”.

Being back in a plane, you are above all the world. Nothing on the earth affects you. When you are traveling higher and higher in the atmosphere, you do not see what is on the ground. You only see the clouds in the sky all around you.

The Universe telling me to change my perspective meant I needed to change what I saw. When that thing that I held so dear was taking away from me, all I could see is its absence . Since I saw this precious thing as gone, I then felt the hurt of it being gone and it made me cry, a lot! After changing my perspective, I now see it was not a loss. It is an opportunity. This opportunity  freed up my time to pursue other things I am passionate about and even gave me an opportunity to do something else for others. I changed my perspective. I changed how I look at this thing. Now instead feeling the hurt of it being taken away, I now feel joy and happiness because I get now do something I want to do.

Being above it all gives you an opportunity to change your location from being tied to all the earthly things that affect you in a negative way. When you change your location to live in a higher state, what people say to you, what responsibilities you have, or even what is done to you negatively won’t even bother you because you choose to look at things differently.

I recently finished reading a wonderful book called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. He says in the second agreement Don’t Take Anything Personally, “You create an entire picture or movie in your mind, and in that picture you are the director, you are the producer, you are the main actor or actress. Everyone else is a secondary actor or actress. It is your movie. The way you see that movie is according to the agreements you have made with life. Your point of view is something personal to you. It is no one’s truth but yours.”

Your point is of view is so important. If you find yourself constantly stressing, fearful, and down trodden, change your location. Change how you look at things, change your perspective. Live above it all. Live in the upper atmosphere. If you don’t take things in this life personally, nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) will hurt you.

I know this is easier said than done. It is like moving. You get excited about living is another place especially if it is an upgrade like a bigger house or great neighborhood, but no one likes to “actually” move. The mere thought of the logistics of moving is so OVERWHELMING!  Packing and unpacking, getting movers and hoping they don’t break your things, etc. The moving process in short, sucks. But once you get to the new home and get it set up the way you want it to look, it is a great sense of satisfaction.

No one likes change but it is inevitable. Change is the only thing that is constant in life. I rather make the change instead of change being for me. I also, decide for myself how I will interpret issues and obstacles that happen in my life. I choose to use my faith to overcome and to get through them. When I do that, I live above it all. The most wonderful thing is this concept is not just for me. It is for anyone who decides to adopt this concept as a lifestyle.  Be the head and not the tail; be above and not beneath. Pay attention to this and observe this daily. Watch your life change for the better.

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