My Journey

at my heaviest 2.jpg

I started the initial journey in 2014 when my life was threatened. I had to make a change or I was going to die. With a lot of help from doctors, nutritionists, my family, and friends, I am who you see before you today!

at my heaviest.jpgAt my heaviest I was 467 pounds. A few months after I took this photo, I was in the hospital for heart palpitations. After my stay in the hospital, my doctor told me if I did not make some serious changes, I was going to die. I ended up going to the University of Chicago Hospital. They helped me get a plan together for my nutrition and exercise plan. I started to see progress.

4 months in.jpgI then had surgery in October 7, 2014. After a long recovery time. I went back to my plan, and started to lose more weight!

Month after surgery.jpgThis photo is after surgery after losing over 121 pounds in total.

After three years, I’ve lost 260 pounds and still maintaining! Recent side by side.jpg

And the journey continues…