Run CAMM Run!

Since losing so much weight, I decided that I needed to challenge myself physically. I started looking for different fitness events to do around the city. My very first was the Fight for Air Climb 2016. I ended up climbing 144 flights of stairs.

FFA-photo 1.jpgFFA-photo 3.jpg

After this event, I was hooked! My next event was The Dance Mile where you danced an entire mile in the west loop of Chicago!

Dance Mile 2016.jpg

My doctor told me I should start with 5ks. At first I was apprehensive with doing a 5k but after I got through the first one ( The Color in Motion 2016), I’ve been hooked!

Color in Motion 2016.jpg

One of my best friends (Rashidah behind me) has been my partner in crime. I’ve also dragged my partner in gym foolishness Otis in on the craziness as well!

Turkey Trot.jpgRun Cam Run 2.jpgGlow Run 2016.jpg

Opening of 2017 Run season for me was the Hip Hop Run. Once again my partner in crime Rashidah was in tow. We participated in this run a day after I hit the big 40!

Hip Hop Run with Rashidah.jpg

A week later, May 20th, I did a charity run for the Chicago Epilepsy Foundation. It was only days previous, a former co-worker and friend passed away from complications from Epilepsy so I ran in her honor. It was cold and raining but it was worth it.

Epilepsy Run.jpg

June 4th, Rashidah and I participated in the Color Run. This is the first year they came to Chicago so it made sense for us to be there and getting “colorful”. No pun intended of course! color run.jpg

Later that month was the Color in Motion Run. This time Rashidah and I was joined by my workout buddy and fellow Lion Otis. As you can see we got “Colorful” again!Color in Motion Run.jpg

July 15th we did the Glow Run by Chicago Soldier Field. We brought along my godson Aaron.Glow Run 2017.jpg

July 23rd I dragged my puppy Kida in the Paws for a Cause 5k. She did not quite make it through the entire thing so either I need to get her a stroller or we need to walk together more. I am going for the latter!Paws for a Cause 5k.jpg

The Super Run on August 19th was so much fun! Imagine grown people dressed up like Super Heroes running through the woods. Yea… That happened!

Super Hero Run.jpg

September 2nd brought my Good Girlfriend Rashidah and in tow my sister from another mista Tash! My braids are gone and a fro is also being rocked!Bubble Run.jpg

A week later on September 9th, I did another charity run the Foodie 5k which raised funds for the Northern Illinois Food Bank.Foodie 5k.jpg

October 7, 2017 was the Chicago International 5k. This is a race that takes place on the eve on Chicago Marathon. I got beat up really badly that week by my trainers but I was ready!

International 5k.jpg